Thursday, 31 May 2012

My Village – My Foundation- Sheilla- Nerwa- Chaupal-Shimla

Sheilla is the small village with a rocky terrain lying in the lap of mountains. Lying about 20 km from Nerwa Subtehsil of Shimla district, it consists of people from different cast and cultures. Historically the ancestors of these people migrated to this area from other parts of the states. Apple farming and grain production on the small scale are the main source of income of people in Sheilla.

Nerwa is a town in the Chaupal of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is around 126 km from Shimla and 26 km from Chaupal and lies on the border of Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh.

Chaupal is located in Shimla district. It is about 100 km 
southeast to Shimla and is at an altitude of 2328 m above sea level.  It is surrounded by rich deodar trees. The snow clad peaks form the backdrop of the town enhances the beauty of Chaupal. The town of Chaupal is dotted with wood and slate houses. Among the other attractive places of the town of Chaupal, there is an old temple that is Lankra Vir.  The Temple is situated above the town of Chaupal. Chaupal is the starting point of trek to Chaudhar peak.

Shirgul Maharaj Temple(Chudhar)

Bijjat Temple(Sarain)

Chaudhar has an elevation of 3647 meters above sea level and is located in Sirmour, Shimla district.  Chaudhar peak is the highest peak in the outer Himalayas.  It is the holy place of Lord Shirgul Maharaj and is 8 km from Chaupal town.  It holds attraction for the adventurous as well as the religious.

There is another famous temple in Sarain named the Bijjat Temple.  Sarain is a place located near the town of Chaupal and on the way to chaudhar from chaupal.  There numbers of temples are in the area itself is the exemplary about the richest religious faith.

The economy of the town is on agricultural based. Chaupal is very famous for the production of high quality apples which are exported from India to many countries.   There are many apple growing Belts in Chaupal  such as Tharoch, Poran, 
Pauria, Bamta, Dewat, Maraog (Richest 
Village of Asia), Koti, Kiarnoo and so on.