Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Seize the Present

Life is living in the present.  It is all about enjoyment and fulfillment here and now.  For this one must have presence of mind for the present.  Blessed is one who can grab the present situation and make best use of it.
There is only one time when great feeling can be experienced, that is now! At this great moment.  The great inner feeling is the most intense truth.  Usually we are caught up in belief and emotions which are related to past or future.  Only in the present moment we have access of happiness, joy, peace and other positive feelings. This moment is the time when we have to deal with the challenges of daily life.  We all have circumstances that challenge us. Circumstances are not problem, until our mind attaches useless and damaging emotion to them. 
Stop waiting, start living, make the time, bring your best to the table, whatever you do be there fully, show what you really feel, be courageously, be you and be authentic self.
Seize the day, embrace the present, enjoy life while you’ve got the chance.”


  1. Loved "The great inner feeling is the most intense truth" :). I can personally relate to this because only my inner self knows complete truth and mirrors my true feeling. Most of us our unhappy because our present is washed away in our worry for past and future.

  2. I think we talked about something like this. Didnt we? :)